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The amazing difference ceramic & porcelain tiles can make

There is an enormous number of benefits available in ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles including a gorgeous appearance, excessive durability, water resistance, and more. Because it does so much, it’s a perfect addition to a variety of spaces and has a lifespan that means you’ll likely never need to replace these floors as long as you own your home. There more to these floors too, and we’re going to tell you a little of that today.

Both ceramic & porcelain are often referred to as the same material, but there are some specific differences that set them apart. For instance, porcelain is manufactured using only the highest-quality clays and then fired at extremely high levels in a kiln. The resulting product is not only harder and denser, but it’s more impervious to water, does not absorb stains or bacteria, and is more hard-wearing than its ceramic counterpart.
Ceramic tile flooring in Valencia, CA from Dave Walter Flooring Kitchens and Baths
Ceramic is also manufactured with clay, but other materials are often included that make for variances in through-body color schemes. Porcelain looks the same inside, so even if it’s broken, you’re likely to not be able to tell, but with ceramic, the interior is a different color. For this reason, it is most often covered with bright, bold colors using a liquid glaze. Ceramic is often the choice for those looking to create unique and amazing designs, patterns, and mosaics. Tiles can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create something no one else has.

Both ceramic & porcelain flooring can be used throughout your home, from the dampest areas like bathrooms and kitchens to the most private spaces, like studies and bedrooms. No matter where you place these materials, you’ll find them incredibly durable, standing up easily to everyday wear and tear, even with children and pets in the home. They’re also great at resisting stains, water damage, or mold, mildew, or bacteria growth.

Dave Walter Flooring Kitchens and Baths has a showroom located in Santa Clarita, CA, which serves the communities of Canyon Country, Valencia, New Hall, Saugus, and Castaic, and we are excited for the opportunity to also serve you. Come and see our extensive line of materials and products and take advantage of the many professional services we offer as well. Our associates will work hard to meet your needs and match you with only those products that will bring complete satisfaction, no matter how big or small your project.